Performance Tester – 12 month contract

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Job Purpose:

  • The Performance Test Engineer is a Performance Testing and Engineering Subject matter expert who works with Functional Test, Solution Architects to assess current performance test practices in an organization considering the best practices required.
  • Ability to work with Business analysts and test analysts to Design, test and implement Performance coverage to deliver a performance, scalable, operable and resilient solution.
  • Recommend organization wide short term and long term strategies including performance testing and performance engineering.
  • Ability to prepare and present overall test Plan/Strategy for performance testing based on non- functional requirements.
  • Understand non-functional requirements (NFR), performance requirements such as volumetric, throughput and response times for large scale applications.
  • Obtain Signoff on Performance Test Coverage and Scenario Priorities.
  • Well versed with the Performance Testing Lifecycle.
  • Ability to define/identify / recommend appropriate Performance Test and Engineering tools & licensing requirements.
  • Ability to carry out Performance Test result analysis and work with Architects / Developers / Database analysts.

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • Take ownership and accountability for performance test planning, the creation and execution of test scripts and scenarios in line with the project goals and deliverables.
  • Accurately analyze performance test results statistics to discover, isolate, report-on performance bottlenecks.
  • Attend peer reviews of requirements and software to ensure in depth knowledge of the functionality and architecture of the software.
  • Create and maintain performance test scripts and scenarios, ensuring scripting standards are put in place and adhered too.
  • Manage and coordinate test data creation, collection, and modification and prepare data tables\files to associate with the test scripts.
  • Deliver quality work products according to the defined testing scope, raising risks and issues appropriately with regards to the performance of tasks or timelines scheduled.
  • Track actual completed conditions and evaluate test results to determine whether the SUT satisfies performance SLA’s.
  • Detect and log defects with all necessary information for advanced troubleshooting.
  • Work closely with SME’s, Developers, Testers and other teams, as necessary, to assist in resolving identified performance bottlenecks.
  • Inform affected parties of changes in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the deployment, configuration & setup of the SUT and the test environment.
  • Continually further one’s knowledge of the SUT and enhances testing skills.
  • Ensure close collaboration with the business owner, business analysts and software developers in terms of systems performance.
  • Provide input into the daily summary reports of test preparation, execution and defect resolution.
  • Provide input for the required weekly status reports.
  • Proactive identification abilities of bottlenecks and performance related issues in pre execution phases.


Qualifications & Skills Required

  • A dedication to accuracy and precision
  • A sense that they are communicating to the entire organization, not only merely verifying their tests.
  • System level thinking, an understanding that a bottleneck could be anywhere, SQL, Network, Web code, etc.
  • The ability to think beyond just what is on the monitor to the servers and architecture of the entire system.
  • Awareness of industry of performance standards (i.e., web pages shouldn’t take 3 minutes to load) and to compare the application under test to these standards and thereby determine if something is a bug.
  • Knowledge of performance bottlenecks and end-to-end performance web performance measures (server response time, throughput, network latency, etc.)
  • Ability to code basic load test scripts
  • Has an understanding of the load test environment, and the application architecture
  • Interest in looking beneath the surface to identify root causes. (there is no red flag that pops us and says “failure” in load testing.)
  • Ability to recognizes when an issue needs to be escalated to a higher level
  • An understanding of web protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, and DNS
  • An understanding of networking and web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, .NET
  • Knowledge of web page composition (static vs. dynamic elements, browser behaviour, etc.)
  • Programming Experience in the language the web site is coded in, .Net an advantage.
  • Service oriented mentality. Recognizes that he/she is there to provide a service and add value to the company, not to hold up the deployment of the application. And looks for ways to improve that service.
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues in the load and performance test environment
  • Highly organized with ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with customers
  • Ability to learn new tools & technologies quickly
  • Some experience in collecting data, performing analysis on that data, and preparing reports
  • The ideal candidate is a thinker who is passionate about the ways that the Web will continue to revolutionize information distribution, interaction and business processes.
  • Bachelors or Masters Degrees in engineering or science related fields. Areas of study may include Network Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Management Information Systems, and Quality Assurance.
  • >5 years previous experience developing and/or testing


  • Apache JMeter
  • LoadRunner
  • WebLoad
  • LoadNinja
  • Or recommended best practice tool

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