About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2018, ilaunch boasts a proud record of growth in attracting and providing highly skilled IT consultants for short-term, long-term and permanent engagements.

We provide high-touch Resource Solutions. As a member of the Bumblebee Group, iLaunch has direct access to in-house technology expertise and a broad network of technology specialists, which is a differentiator in sourcing and vetting quality consultants.

People are at the core of our business and this is what sets us apart. We understand the importance of the quality of skills and the perfect culture fit which contributes to a positive and encouraging working environment. We attract the best people who will help your business grow and thrive.

We make it our business to find the best people

What makes us different?

Culture is our difference

We confidently facilitate the recruitment life cycle process from beginning to end and ensure potential candidates are kept updated transparently and timeously. We respect each individual candidate and our clients’ needs by aiming to enlist, empower and encourage.​

People are at our core

Building your career is important to us. We know that every job seeking candidate is unique and will come with a distinct skill set. We pride ourselves in matching your unique skills to further develop your career, while placing you at the best suited company. We back your career development objectives with our dedicated placement specialists.​

Our Purpose

We love the potential of IT. We believe in the possibilities that walk alongside the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are committed to transforming business and society. We don't like seeing potential wasted and we want to create a community, culture, and company that benefits all.

Our Values

Excellence – Our yardstick
People – Our passion
Returning the trust – Our promise
Having Fun – Our goal
Innovation – Our objective

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